Here at Dangerous Man we’ve decided to use our blog to showcase the different beers we will be releasing. As the beers are released, we will give you some background information on the style of beer, some history, maybe some insights on the malt and hop bill, and any general knowledge we’d like to impart upon you before you come in and try the beer for yourself. If you see repeat beers pop on here, it’s because the recipe has changed and we’ve got a little more we’d like to say about it.

Please let us know if this is something you enjoy. Stop in the brewery and mention the blog, taste and compare, and as always, have yourself some fun!


Dangerous Man Brewing Company is proud to release its Kölsch-style ale! Originally derived from Cologne, Germany, the Kölsch is a golden-straw colored ale that has a bright, crisp flavor. The BJCP defines a Kölsch as a hybrid beer because the Kölsch uses an ale yeast strain and begins its fermentation at ale temperatures before it is lagered. To lager, from the original German word lagerbier, means a beer that is to be kept or stored for a longer period of time and typically at colder temperatures. Lagering produces a cleaner, dryer beer that has more of a focus on the malt bill as the yeast has been restrained by the colder temperatures. By fermenting at ale temperatures yet storing at Lager temperatures, the Kölsch has both the fruity esters associated with ale yeasts yet the clean appearance and flavor associated with Lager yeasts.

Owner and Brewer Rob Miller, along with Brewer Keigan Knee, brewed this KolschKölsch-style beer with simplicity in mind. The current run of the Dangerous Man Kölsch has an all Pilsner malt grain bill, which is the lightest-colored malt available. This base malt usually provides a fundamental sweetness to the beers and is typically used in pilsners, English golden ales, and other lagers. Dangerous Man Kölsch has bittering and flavor hop additions of Crystal hops derived from the German Hallertau hop. The Crystal hop has a floral and spicy aroma that compliments the sweetness of the malt character. The final ingredient besides Minneapolis water, is the Kölsch yeast strain specially derived for this style of beer.

Come in and try the Kolsch while it lasts! After reading this post hopefully you can isolate each of the flavors in the recipe. Take the time to find the particular flavors of the pilsner malt, crystal hop, and kolsch yeast; see how they blend and how they work independently.

This is Dangerous Man Brewing; so long and good luck!

Some progress

The ceilings been painted.

Walls are being framed!


On July 16th 2011, Dangerous Man held an Investor Party. It was a milestone as we had been dreaming up a business plan for the past three years and this was our opportunity to see if anyone else could see the vision. The support and excitement that followed has been the foundation and driving force for this process.

Fast forward a year, and here we are: with a building that is painted, with walls framed in, with fermenter and brite tanks ordered, licenses being applied for, a marriage still intact, a family that still finds time to play, friends that aren’t THAT sick of hearing about the brewery and a community of NE neighbors that are as excited as we are to join them.

The beginnings of a DMBC bar.

We have worked hard to “Enjoy the journey” and keep what is important at the forefront.  And that is, to stay true to ourselves as a business which values people, passion, creativity, community, respect and the art of craft beer.

Thank you to everyone that has been a part of this, big or small. This is truly a neighborhood brewery built by many hands.


Kids visit dad at the brewery.

Rob and Sarah

DMBC has a home!!

After months and months of many hurdles we are extremely excited to announce that at 3:30 today Friday the 13th (yes we know this date seems ominous but we are braver and stronger than bad omens) WE SIGNED OUR LEASE! 

Dangerous Man Brewing Co. will now call 1300 2nd Street NE home! Build out will begin May 1st and we will open doors whenever we are done.

We would like to thank first our children for tolerating the constant talk of beer and the brewery, our parents for the expertise and cheerleading, our family for the love, all of our 50+ investors for believing in it before anyone else and of course the hundreds of people that have supported our battles and kept telling us to continue on…We would not have a building today with out you!

Cheers to the Minneapolis Craft Beer scene and Dangerous Man being a part of it!

Yours truly,

Rob and Sarah

A few teaser photos of the building

Where we at?

Where are we at? What are we doing? Everywhere and everything is the answer to those. We are diligently working on all the details to sure up our NE home for Dangerous Man.  We are also making many equipment decisions, starting endless amounts of licensure documents, and meeting with everyone and their mothers.

Here is an excerpt from Alexander Bustamante of Elevation Brewing Co.

“I have learned that it is completely possible to go from enjoying beer from great craft breweries to living the dream of owning your own, yet it is hard work and occasionally you feel like a circus act, juggling craft beer while riding your unicycle around roaring thirsty lions. Luckily it is well worth the effort to taste a finished product and know that it was you and your partners who made your dream a reality.”

During a long night of talking about boilers, we read this quote and felt understood. This undertaking is a circus but one worth juggling for.

One last blast of support!

As the amendment passed the committee last Monday, it now goes to vote by all of city council on Friday, Nov. 18th @ 9:30am (City Hall room 317). This will be the final decision regarding our location on 13th Ave and 2nd St NE. We are asking people to send an email or call their respective city council member before the vote. A brief message saying that you support the amendment and our business is all you need to say. (sample message) We want to show the council how much support there is for this type of business in Minneapolis.

Here’s who to contact: List of Minneapolis City Council members.

We can not do this alone! Every email and phone call will help. This is a great opportunity for Minneapolis to bring new businesses and jobs to our city. Thank you for your help in getting this ordinance changed!

Cheers to more craft beer in Minneapolis!

Sample Messages


Dear Council Member XXX,
I am writing you to encourage you to support the proposed amendment to City Ordinance 360.120 to allow the sale of alcohol within 300 feet of a building primarily used for religious assembly. After recent changes in MN liquor laws (like the taproom amendment), I think it is important to allow new businesses to have the ability to open new establishments in neighborhoods. There are plenty of regulations that oversee the sale of alcohol, but allowing for increased accessibility of commercial spaces would help these responsible, new business models to open and grow.
I hope that you will support this amendment change on Nov. 18th.

Thank you,


Council Person,

I would like to ask you to support my good friend Rob Miller’s endeavor of opening a community and family oriented brewery in Minneapolis.  I respect the underlying principles that lead to the original ordinance regarding to liquor and beer.  Yet, the local beer brewing movement and culture fosters strong communities and cultivates small business growth.  I ask you to consider supporting the amendment referenced below.
You can see Rob and Sarah’s plan at http://dangerousmanbrewing.wordpress.com/
Thank You,