Help us open!!

We have a serious regulation snag with the Northeast Bank Building being in close proximity to a religious institution. Our big update is that Gary Schiff, Ward 9 City Council Person, and Grant Wilson, of City Licensing, were able to draft an amendment that would allow us to operate in the building.

The current law puts our business model under the same regulation as a liquor store or bar. We believe the culture and clientele of a craft microbrewery is very different than a liquor store or bar and this proposed amendement recognizes this.

Our simple model, is based on common practice in many microbreweries in the country:
1. We brew our beer on site
2. We sell our beer in pints on the premise. (on sale)
3. We sell our beer in to-go containers, called growlers. (off sale)

This amendment will allow us to sell beer on-sale and off-sale within 300 ft. of a religious institution. We are going to need your help to familiarize the city council with the craft brewery movement and show them your support.


6 thoughts on “Help us open!!

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  2. So the church serves beer at their functions but they don’t want you to? The church is the one that creates parking and traffic nightmares for the neighborhood every Sunday even using private lots without permission.

  3. I just saw you on the news, Rob! Can I still call my city council person even though your hearing is over?

    Best Wishes!

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