What a great week!

What a whirlwind this week has been and it is only Tuesday! I have met so many great people that have offered their support, from signed letters to words of encouragement, thank you all!

Last Friday I met with over 10 businesses in the neighborhood and received nothing but support. What a great family of local enterprises this neighborhood has. Please think of them the next time you need some coffee, art, food or maybe some bike maintenance. Just to name a few of the great locals on 13th Ave NE:

On Monday we attended the Sheridan Neighborhood Organization (SNO) meeting and presented the amendment change and our business plan. They offered some great ideas and we left with a Letter of Support. Thank you Jenny Fortman and ALL the board members. We truly hope to be part of your neighborhood one day!

Tonight I attended Gary Schiff’s Fall Harvest Fundraiser at the Wilde Roast Cafe and what a great time it was! I hung out with Jason Sowards from Harriet Brewing Co. and Jim Diley from Fulton Beer. Thank you for the wise words and encouragement. I served an IPA, a Brown Ale and of course, the Chocolate Milk Stout, it was a lot of fun. Smokehouse Brewpub’s Jamie and Amy were in attendance, great to meet them as well.

Thanks for all the love I hope to return it all in the form of beer one day.