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Dear Council Member XXX,
I am writing you to encourage you to support the proposed amendment to City Ordinance 360.120 to allow the sale of alcohol within 300 feet of a building primarily used for religious assembly. After recent changes in MN liquor laws (like the taproom amendment), I think it is important to allow new businesses to have the ability to open new establishments in neighborhoods. There are plenty of regulations that oversee the sale of alcohol, but allowing for increased accessibility of commercial spaces would help these responsible, new business models to open and grow.
I hope that you will support this amendment change on Nov. 18th.

Thank you,


Council Person,

I would like to ask you to support my good friend Rob Miller’s endeavor of opening a community and family oriented brewery in Minneapolis.  I respect the underlying principles that lead to the original ordinance regarding to liquor and beer.  Yet, the local beer brewing movement and culture fosters strong communities and cultivates small business growth.  I ask you to consider supporting the amendment referenced below.
You can see Rob and Sarah’s plan at
Thank You,

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