One last blast of support!

As the amendment passed the committee last Monday, it now goes to vote by all of city council on Friday, Nov. 18th @ 9:30am (City Hall room 317). This will be the final decision regarding our location on 13th Ave and 2nd St NE. We are asking people to send an email or call their respective city council member before the vote. A brief message saying that you support the amendment and our business is all you need to say. (sample message) We want to show the council how much support there is for this type of business in Minneapolis.

Here’s who to contact: List of Minneapolis City Council members.

We can not do this alone! Every email and phone call will help. This is a great opportunity for Minneapolis to bring new businesses and jobs to our city. Thank you for your help in getting this ordinance changed!

Cheers to more craft beer in Minneapolis!