Where we at?

Where are we at? What are we doing? Everywhere and everything is the answer to those. We are diligently working on all the details to sure up our NE home for Dangerous Man.  We are also making many equipment decisions, starting endless amounts of licensure documents, and meeting with everyone and their mothers.

Here is an excerpt from Alexander Bustamante of Elevation Brewing Co.

“I have learned that it is completely possible to go from enjoying beer from great craft breweries to living the dream of owning your own, yet it is hard work and occasionally you feel like a circus act, juggling craft beer while riding your unicycle around roaring thirsty lions. Luckily it is well worth the effort to taste a finished product and know that it was you and your partners who made your dream a reality.”

During a long night of talking about boilers, we read this quote and felt understood. This undertaking is a circus but one worth juggling for.