Some progress

The ceilings been painted.

Walls are being framed!


On July 16th 2011, Dangerous Man held an Investor Party. It was a milestone as we had been dreaming up a business plan for the past three years and this was our opportunity to see if anyone else could see the vision. The support and excitement that followed has been the foundation and driving force for this process.

Fast forward a year, and here we are: with a building that is painted, with walls framed in, with fermenter and brite tanks ordered, licenses being applied for, a marriage still intact, a family that still finds time to play, friends that aren’t THAT sick of hearing about the brewery and a community of NE neighbors that are as excited as we are to join them.

The beginnings of a DMBC bar.

We have worked hard to “Enjoy the journey” and keep what is important at the forefront.  And that is, to stay true to ourselves as a business which values people, passion, creativity, community, respect and the art of craft beer.

Thank you to everyone that has been a part of this, big or small. This is truly a neighborhood brewery built by many hands.


Kids visit dad at the brewery.

Rob and Sarah