Investor Party Recap

What a night!!

For our out-of-town folks and those of you who weren’t able to make it, we have posted a slideshow of our Investor Soft Opening. Our dear friend Emma Freeman was able to document the night in the only way she knows how, with insight and an unbelievable eye for capturing the magic and beauty of it all. THANK YOU!

This event represented a lot for Rob and I. The year and half of work that it took to get to this night was the most difficult thing we have ever done. We tried so hard to celebrate the small joys but when taking on a project of this size there is always the next large thing on the to-do list. Many times we have said that we couldn’t have done this without so many people lending their time and talent, for those of you that were able to do so – you understand our incredible amount of gratitude. Thank you…thank you…THANK YOU!

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The current status of the brewery is basically AMAZING. We have an incredible staff in place that is not only working hard every day but is taking on more responsibilities to help make this place the best taproom in Minneapolis. Three years ago when Rob and I imagined our brewery and put it all down on paper, we wrote things like:

“When a customer comes into DMBC, they will feel the passion and energy given towards beer and our products.”

“The initial plans are for DMBC to feature 6 beer taps with an ever-­‐changing lineup. This will allow us to create a constant buzz about our products and be able to satisfy the diverse tastes of beer drinkers.”

“The brewery will pattern itself after the family-friendly feeling of an English Pub house.”

“We have made a conscious decision to not serve food. We make beer and that is what we do well. We will be creating partnerships with neighboring restaurants to build a sense of community in the area.”

“DMBC will be known as the artistic creator of many wonderful tasting brews, not the scientific creator of a few.”

“We will be the comfortable, cozy spot to come and meet and hang out with your neighbors….We want to be a hub of communication and socialization for Northeast Minneapolis.”

What is truly amazing is that these words have become real. They manifested themselves into a place we call Dangerous Man Brewing Co. Our next goal is to evolve and let the groundwork continue to be our guiding principals. Thank you again to everyone that has been part of this success.

All our love,

Rob and Sarah