Here at Dangerous Man we’ve decided to use our blog to showcase the different beers we will be releasing. As the beers are released, we will give you some background information on the style of beer, some history, maybe some insights on the malt and hop bill, and any general knowledge we’d like to impart upon you before you come in and try the beer for yourself. If you see repeat beers pop on here, it’s because the recipe has changed and we’ve got a little more we’d like to say about it.

Please let us know if this is something you enjoy. Stop in the brewery and mention the blog, taste and compare, and as always, have yourself some fun!


Dangerous Man Brewing Company is proud to release its Kölsch-style ale! Originally derived from Cologne, Germany, the Kölsch is a golden-straw colored ale that has a bright, crisp flavor. The BJCP defines a Kölsch as a hybrid beer because the Kölsch uses an ale yeast strain and begins its fermentation at ale temperatures before it is lagered. To lager, from the original German word lagerbier, means a beer that is to be kept or stored for a longer period of time and typically at colder temperatures. Lagering produces a cleaner, dryer beer that has more of a focus on the malt bill as the yeast has been restrained by the colder temperatures. By fermenting at ale temperatures yet storing at Lager temperatures, the Kölsch has both the fruity esters associated with ale yeasts yet the clean appearance and flavor associated with Lager yeasts.

Owner and Brewer Rob Miller, along with Brewer Keigan Knee, brewed this KolschKölsch-style beer with simplicity in mind. The current run of the Dangerous Man Kölsch has an all Pilsner malt grain bill, which is the lightest-colored malt available. This base malt usually provides a fundamental sweetness to the beers and is typically used in pilsners, English golden ales, and other lagers. Dangerous Man Kölsch has bittering and flavor hop additions of Crystal hops derived from the German Hallertau hop. The Crystal hop has a floral and spicy aroma that compliments the sweetness of the malt character. The final ingredient besides Minneapolis water, is the Kölsch yeast strain specially derived for this style of beer.

Come in and try the Kolsch while it lasts! After reading this post hopefully you can isolate each of the flavors in the recipe. Take the time to find the particular flavors of the pilsner malt, crystal hop, and kolsch yeast; see how they blend and how they work independently.

This is Dangerous Man Brewing; so long and good luck!