Cream Ale

Cream Ale

El Hombre Peligroso

One of the few beers to survive the American prohibition, the Cream Ale is a style that is popular around the United States and Canada. Originally brewed to compete with the popular American lager, the Cream Ale is generally top-fermented though there are examples of Cream Ales using lager yeasts. When top-fermented, the Cream Ale is generally lagered to ebb the fruity esters associated with ale yeasts and maintain a crisp, clean flavor and a clear profile.

The Cream Ale was known to be popular in the upper Midwest and Dangerous Man has brought the style home to roost. The beer is light and refreshing, perfect for those who like beers that are less assaultive to the pallet. This time around Dangerous Man used all Chinook hops to give it a titch of piney bitterness. The body of the Cream Ale has a pale, straw-like color that leads up to a big, white foamy head. The tiniest amount of DMS can be located in the beer which is appropriate to style as most Cream Ales are known for using corn in the mash bill.

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Dangerous Man’s Cream Ale is a wonderfully pleasant and balanced beer. It is sure to be a favorite for all types of beer drinkers; we’ll assume that maybe they just don’t know it yet.

Drink smart, drink Dangerous; fall in love, dream.