Meet Randall

We have a new addition at the Dangerous Man Brewing Company and its name is the Randall. That’s right, the Randall. It is an addition so slick that we added a demonstrative adjective to its name.


Assistant Brewer Keigan Knee adding Simcoe hops to the Randall

The Randall is a small, stainless-steel device that is hooked up between our brite tanks taplines and the lines leading to the actual taps. Inside this tubular device is a filter that allows beer to flow in from the brite tank and out to to the taps with a little extra space sitting in-between. This extra space is filled with whole-leaf hops. Like, to the brim!

This past weekend, our patrons got to try our Double India Pale Ale and Randall team-up; one night with the Randall packed with Citra hops and the next night with Simcoe hops. By running the beers through them, we effectively dry hop the beer seconds before it reaches your glass adding magnificent hop oils, that heart-stopping aroma, and maybe, this is still up for debate, a tiny amount of fresh bitterness.

Randall In Situ

Randall before removal; happy as a hop- filled clam

Look for our Randall additions when you visit Dangerous Man in the future. They will be marked clearly on the beer boards, or, grab one of our staff and give them a good interrogation; they will be able answer any of your questions.

Remember– safety is paramount, because Danger is expected.