El Dorado Rye

Look at that color! Buenisimo!

Look at that color! Buenisimo!

Rye Malt is a fantastic malt adjunct in beer. It has a spicy and earthy aroma and flavor that resonates with similar hops and a malt sweetness. Gaining popularity over the past couple of years, Rye malt has jumped from breads and liquors into this wonderful world of beer.

For this impersonnel blogger, you could say finding rye was his city of gold. It turns out it is real for some of us and it’s as real as it’s most likely two week residence at Dangerous Man before it’s lost to the intrigue of word of mouth and old documents left on the internet.

You’ll notice that the El Dorado Rye does not pull any punches. It is a dry, orange-hued beast of spice and intrigue. Rye malt increases the viscosity of the beer providing a nice long draw and thick mouthfeel. El Dorado is hopped to 50 IBUs; you’ll be able to feel your tongue sink in the first few sips as the encroaching bitterness washes your taste buds.

“Over the Mountains of the Moon, down the Valley of the Shadow, ride, boldly ride…if you seek for El Dorado.”

– Edgar Allen Poe