Matchbox Porter

Can you feel the excitement!?

Cross-eyed for Coffee Porter!

The porter redefined beer in the old world. Originally a hearty brown in color, the porter was one of the first beers to be aged by the brewery. It helped the brewer’s to define its aged, and most likely oxidized, character. Brewer’s back in the day used large wooden vats to store their beers; adding to them as they brewed. This would mix young and aged beers together to achieve the specific flavor they were looking for. After the invention of black patent malt, a heavily kilned malt that will turn your beer seriously black, brewer’s in the United Kingdom were able to make cheap and strong porter setting the path for such beers as the Stout and Baltic Porter.

Commercial coffee beer is thought to be a recent invention. Most likely derived from homebrewer’s, coffee beers started to pop up in the 1990’s with Wisconsin’s own New Glarus leading the way. Because of a porter’s natural roast, a character specific to long-kilned malts such as brown and black patent malt, coffee is almost a natural addition choice. Depending on how the coffee is added, there a variety of ways the coffee can show itself in the beer.

Dangerous Man’s Matchbox Coffee Porter is a fusion of two wonderful businesses. The Matchbox Coffee House is the next business down from Dangerous Man, and the two businesses have worked together to match the right blend with the right beer; to spectacular results! One of the most requested beers since leaving the tap, the Matchbox Porter is sure to please, and please fast; we can’t expect this one to stick around too long!

Hop up and get buzzed! Remember, DRINK LOCAL!