Belgian Golden Strong

The Belgian Golden Strong is a shining devil. A modern styling, the Belgian Golden Strong was invented using pioneer techniques in brewing during the early part of the 20th century. Techniques such as yeast selection and specific malting process were utilized by the Belgian Brouwerij Moortgat (simplified — Moortgat Brewery) to define this popular style.

Los diablos de oro.

Los diablos de oro.

There was a time in the world where the Scotch were kings and beer was their empire. During the early part of the 20th century, Scotch Ales were popular all over Europe for their distinctive flavorings and strong ABV. We can think of how we perceive the Belgian breweries now as similar to how the Scotch were thought of then. Dark, strong, and especially handsome, Scotch Ales were in vogue and the original Golden Strong styling attempted to imitate that. It was a dark ale brewed to honor the end of World War I and was named — Victory Ale. It was Heathcliff in temperament; dark, forboding, and enigmatic.

Well, Heathcliff went off to war and returned “in dress and manners a gentlemen.” After World War II, pilsners had taken the world by storm and there was little thought to the complexities of dark beers. Realizing this, the Brouwerij Moortgat developed a new, in-house malting style to create a lighter malt. This malt combined with dextrose sugar, was able to give the beer a light, straw-like color and a high ABV. The devil dresses in fine clothes and walks among us still, the world-wide popularity of Duvel, the first Belgian Golden Strong and a living relic to style, continues to this day.

The Dangerous Man Golden Strong is not an understatement. It sits with an ABV of 10.6% and has 25 IBUS. 100 lbs of Belgian rock candi sugar was added to the batch to boost the alcohol content while maintaining the light, golden color of the pilsner base malt. The hop bill is 100% Palisade hops originally developed at a Yakima Farm as a cross between Tettnanger and an America variety via open pollination. This beer will surprise you; it is dry, strong, and has a perfect nectar fruits aroma backed up with a slight malt sweetness.

Come kiss the devil on the tongue. As the statement goes — “I am Heathcliff,” and now, so are you.