Cream Ale

The Cream Ale is back!

A moment of clarity.

A moment of clarity.

The cream ale style is one of the two, or in some arguments three, styles of beer that originated within the United States. The cream ale, and the american steam lager, have their origins on the West Coast during a time of dramatic change. The Alaskan Gold Rush was bringing migrants from all over the United States to the West Coast, in specific, port cities such as San Francisco and Seattle, because they were important transit points into the Yukon. These predominantly male, migrant workers engulfed the area, requiring further infrastructure to be built.  This massive migration required more beer and breweries, and because refrigeration was non-existent in this part of the world hybrid beers such as the cream ale were invented, and consumed to a large degree.

Definitely ominous.

Definitely ominous.

This batch of Dangerous Man’s Cream Ale hails to the immigrant roots of Minnesota and the innovation of American brewing. The Palisade hops used in this cream ale have their original parentage in Tettnanger, a German hop, and the Zythos hop blend used was created by Hop Union as a mixture of American hops for a bright and clear flavoring in the West Coast IPA and Pale Ale tradition. Dangerous Man’s Cream Ale also uses American-grown 2-Row malt from Minnesota’s own Rahr Malting Company. To further celebrate the Minnesota historical immigrant roots, Dangerous Man’s Cream Ale uses a small bit of Vienna malt which imparts a slight biscuit or toast quality to the beer’s aroma and further hails to some of Minnesota’s German roots.

All an all, a simple beer for a simple pleasure.

Remember, drink smart, drink Dangerous!


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