Malone’s Soda & Midwest Pantry

Dangerous Man Brewing Company likes to have a little something for everyone. Colleagues in the war on Bland, Malone’s All Natural Simple Syrups and the Midwest Pantry have joined the fray.

The wonder of selection!

The wonder of selection!

On any given night the Dangerous Man Brewing Company has up to 3 soda mixes on tap ranging from Black Currant Vanilla to Ginger Lime to Strawberry Hibiscus. These sodas have been mixed in-house using Malone’s All Natural Simple Syrups to great effect. Make sure to ask Maggie, or Missi, or Hilary, or Ginny, or Sam, or John, or Keigan, or myself, for the flavors of the day and try one alongside your beer, instead of a beer, or for the young-ins you roped along.

Now, to the Midwest Pantry; A local source for excellent artisan goods! Midwest Pantry offers a great directory of local goods for wholesalers and offer locations of purchase for individuals. They have an diverse lineup of products including, but not limited to, Craftmade Toffee, to Northern Lakes Wild Rice, to Coco-Amour Macaroons! Take a gander at the goods; their’s something intriguing for everyone.

DRINK LOCAL, think natural!