Northbound rules and Dangerous Man has lost its baby teeth.

Alcohol by Volume has gone and done it again! Beautiful pics and a wonderful review. We look forward to seeing Miss Paige Elizabeth again!

alcohol by volume

Over the past week I’ve taken a second look at a few newer Minnesota breweries – two of my favorites being Northbound Smokehouse and Dangerous Man. I was surprised to find that many places I enjoyed in the beginning I absolutely love now.


Every time I visit Northbound I feel a sense of community. I couldn’t be happier that the place is doing phenomenally well. I’m addicted to the chicken wings and appreciate the excellent service (one bartender in particular tells about 7 great hipster jokes).

As far as their beer goes, many swear by the Big Jim IPA, and I’m a fan of the Small Ball Pale Ale, pictured.I have overheard more than one person indicate they regularly visit Northbound for one favorite item or another.

Northbound’s guest tap list has grown more diverse, they still promise to release growlers “soon”, and they have yet to face a Minnesota summer. I’d say we…

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