Toasted Hemp Brown Ale

In the feverish chamber that is the Dangerous Man Brewing Company, an assortment of resurrected ingredients were sewn together, mashed, and given life through the alchemical reaction between yeast and wort. Stout Malt, similar to Marris Otter,  Biscuit Malt, Chocolate Malt, and Special Malt all blend together to create 50 shades of brown SRM. Observe the glass from different angles and different lights to see the spectrum of auburn, brick, and russet coloring that give silent answers to silent questions concerning the natural world; This Toasted Hemp Brown Ale weighs in around 7.5% alcohol by volume.

Double the dank. double the fun.
Rolo Tony Brown Town! 

Now; For the beating heart of the beast. 20lbs of toasted hemp seeds were mashed in to the beer to give it it’s distinctive “nutty” flavor. This hearty plant, with its close relations to Marijuana and Hops, has a myriad of uses in many facets of American life, including manufacturing, as a food source, and fuel. All hemp products are imported into the United States because of its current illegal status, although several states have begun to advocate for the cash crop to be in a separate category than it’s often confused-as family member, Marijuana, so that growing and hemp applications can be used again. This is a tough argument, it would require control of hemp to switch from the DEA to the USDA. Politics aside, the Dangerous Man Toasted Hemp Brown Ale can be included as one of the healthier beers you’ll find in the area due to the high Omega-3 and fatty acid content that the hemp seeds provide the beer, along with the natural B-vitamins already in beer itself.

Down to Earth, from the Earth; dank, and damn Dangerous.


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