Double IPA

Cat Balou!

Cat Balou!

The Double IPA is back and is grittier, gnarlier, and downright meaner than before!

The double IPA style is a hop celebration. Usually upwards of 70 IBU’s, brewers around the United States have been experimenting with hop varieties, hop additions, addition times, and a whole slew of other methodologies to help bring out the freshest hop flavors and the brightest of hop aromas. Tools such as the hopback have been re-purposed to add additional hop flavoring and aroma, while older methodologies such as dry hopping have taken center stages in many beers. All these methods help the customer to appreciate the different ways of brewing a beer, and the cornucopia of available hops on the market.

In recent years, late hopping, first wort additions, and dry hopping have taken center stage with the increased demand of India Pale Ales. First wort hopping, when the hops are added to the wort before it is boiled, has been shown to increase aroma and hop flavor in beers and generally as much as 30% of hops can be recommended for this technique. Dry hopping, adding hops near the completion of fermentation, just after fermentation, or through a Randall between tank and glass, introduces further hops aroma to the beer, giving it an especially potent and aromatic component that usually jumps out of the glass. Late Hopping is the biggest and the baddest of all hop additions. Hops are added near the end of the boil, at flameout, or during the whirlpool to extract the most flavor, hop oils, and aroma from the hops. When you sip on an IPA or double IPA and you feel the resinous wonder of the hops nearly bursting out of the beer, this most certainly has to do with late hop additions and hearty amount of hops to boot!

Dangerous Man’s Double IPA is a great challenge to the hop warriors of Minneapolis and greater Minnesota. Rob Miller and Keigan Knee spared no expense with this monstrous masterpiece. Featured in the Double IPA are Topaz and Warrior hops,  and Zythos and Falconer’s Flight 7c’s hop blend. You’ll be able to find strong fruit and earth aromas, mayhaps a bit of pepper, and complex berry and tropical fruit flavors. At 100 IBU’s and 10.5% ABV, this beer packs a wallop.

In the tradition of monsters, you’ll all be screaming “Iskoonee!” Watch out Minneapolis, danger’s brewing.