Deutsch Cream Ale

Dangerous Man has created again!

The Cream Ale is back and has a new spin: the addition of hefeweizen yeast. Typically the Hefeweizen yeast is paired with strong wheat profiles which blends the prominent yeast flavoring in the beer. With the current Dangerous Man Cream Ale, the hefe (literally meaning, ‘yeast’) will be able to stand out and have a strong, pleasantly noticeable presence. Because the malt bill lacks the high proteins of wheat and because Dangerous Man cold-crashed and conditioned the beer, it does not have the visual, yeasty characteristics common to the hefeweizen style.

Dangerous Man’s Deutsch Cream has quite the combination of ingredients. The grain bill features Malting Company of Ireland Ale Malt for the base malt, 100lbs of flaked corn, Vienna malt, and a smidge of cara-pils. Crystal hops, a breed developed from Hallertau, Mt. Hood, and Liberty,  were added at 45 minutes and 10 minutes for the tinge of bittering and hop flavor of the beer. Overall, this is an excellent beer for those who experiment with flavor. As you drink this beer, try to isolate the different malts — the sweetness of the flaked corn, the breadiness of Vienna malt, the body of the cara-pils. You’ll definitely be able to find the subtle hefe flavor supporting this light, perfect-for-summer beer!