Black Lager

Dangerous Man’s Black Lager has found its way to tap.

John approves. Thanks John. You know... for your approval.

John approves. Thanks John. You know… for your approval.

The Dangerous Man Lager is modeled after an ancient type of brew, the Schwarzbier. This, arguably, is the oldest style of beer in the world. Archaeological evidence indicates that black beer, the English translation of Schwarzbier, was being produced in an area near Kulmback, Germany as far back as 800 B.C.E. where blackened barley bread was found in an amphora with other brewing material. Mentions of beer in the region date as early as the 1300’s and the first definitive style of Schwarzbier began to be produced with a top-fermenting yeast by Kostritzer in 1543 who some 200 years later switched to the bottom fermenting yeast commonly used now. As we’ve found with the Chocolate Milk Stout, drinking beer, especially by type and ingredient used, is imbibing time and certain aspects of humanity. It is liquid history, not in the physicality of the beer as an object but in its reproduction.

Tiny, majestic buds.

Tiny, majestic buds.

Dangerous Man’s Black Lager has a malt profile of Vienna, Munich, Carafa III, and CaraMunich III. The Vienna, Munich, and CaraMunich III, all lend particular bready flavors to the beer with the CaraMunich III also adding a hint of ruby to the color. Carafa III is an interesting malt that differentiate the German black beer styling away from historical United Kingdom browns, porters, and stouts. Carafa III is a roasted malt that is dehusked  allowing for rich and dark coloring without the typical roasty flavors of such a long-roasted malt. Rob and Keigan used Galena hops for this brew, which were originally bred in Idaho using Brewer’s Gold and open pollination. The hops have a potent Alpha Acid content generally sitting about 11% and are known to add notes of sweet fruits such as grapes and peaches, as well as more earthy elements such as wood and grass. This Black Lager is well rounded, easy drinking, and is drank as fast as it’s poured.

Let’s remember, Dangerous Man is potent with history’s re-imaginings.