India Pale Ale

From Minneapolis with Love comes Dangerous Man’s India Pale Ale.

To your health, my health, and strong bones!

To your health, my health, and strong bones!

There is a split in the American IPA beer scene: East Coast and West Coast. The significant difference between the two is the balance between malts and hops in the taste of the beer. East Coast, and were speaking in general sense here, tend to have a more malt forward IPA lending a smoothness, rounded sweetness, and medium mouthfeel. The hops used are generally UK stylings and have spicy and earthy taste and aroma. This is more in accordance to the traditional UK IPA’s, though they definitely have the more American penchant for boldness in flavor and style. The West Coast IPA’s are distinct in their hoppiness. Since most of the hop farms in the US are located on the West Coast we can understand how this American tradition came to be. The close proximity to hops and the competitive and collective atmosphere of the West Coast has created an IPA style that is hop forward, hop eccentric, and almost, hop deviant.

Dangerous Man’s current IPA follows the American West Coast IPA tradition by utilizing American hops, and plenty of them. Though nowhere near the bitterness of our Double IPA, this IPA does pack a punch sitting at 7% ABV and 61 IBU’s. To strike a balance with the large hop presence, Rob and Keigan used 2-Row and Marris Otter as base malts for a perky malt breadiness, as well as Crystal 40 for color, and Dextrose to increase the ABV and impart a pleasant dryness to the beer.

Now, to the hops. This India Pale Ale was was bittered with Summit and Warrior. Both of these hops were originally grown from the Yakima Valley region in Washington. For aroma and flavor hops, Summit and Warrior were used again, as well as Zythos, a popular blend from Hop Union. From all of these hops we can expect huge bittering with large amounts of citrus flavors including tangerine, grapefruit, and zesty orange. Falconer’s Flight, another blend from Hop Union, was used for dry hopping to impart a large tropical nose with notes of mango and passion fruit. This is definitely an IPA to fall in love with.

Goodnight Minneapolis, and good luck.

(also, Beard Blazemore, you rock. Keep on blazing, keep on bearding!)