Belgian Blonde Ale

Dangerous Man’s most recent release is this Belgian Blonde Ale which weighs in at 7.4% ABV with 22 IBU.

Welcoming the sun!

Welcoming the sun!

Blonde Ale is another style that originated within the United States. Similar to the Cream Ale and Steam beer stylings, the Blonde Ale was made to imitate the American lager stylings so that those who tried it might find the similarities with the lagers they’re familiar too but also find an interest in the ale stylings. Blonde Ales generally have a pleasant malt sweetness, a bright golden clarity, and a present, but not assertive, hop character.

Dangerous Man’s Blonde Ale is a right kick in the toosh. The higher alcohol level blends in to the beer making it so it is a refreshing draught. German pilsner malt is that base of the grist with a touch of crystal 15 for the golden color character and a hint of caramel sweetness that plays well with the German malt’s restrained breadiness. The beer is bittered with a slight amount of Falconer’s Flight and has a flavor addition of Crystal hops, which has it’s origins in Hallertau and is half sister with Mt. Hood and Liberty hops. The Crystal hop addition provides a slight spicy character to offset the malt sweetness.

For a little kick, Rob and Keigan used a Belgian Ardennes yeast which flocculates well, leaving a clearer beer than most Belgian strains. The Ardennes strain is known for it’s balance between delicate fruit esters and the zip of the spicy phenols. This beer is a showcase for how simplicity in recipe can produce great complexity of flavor.


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