Coconut Milk Stout

One of Dangerous Man’s most sought after beers is back on tap! Please give a warm welcome to the Coconut Milk Stout!

The coconut is a bit of a wonder drupe. Definitely not a nut, the coconut’s shell, husk, fibers, and flesh can all be used. This makes the coconut palm one of the most versatile plants known to man and bears the name in Sanskrit kalpa vriksha well, meaning “tree that gives all that is necessary for living”.

palmwineCoconut, much like the Chocolate written about in a recent Chocolate Milk Stout post, has a long history of consumption as a fermented beverage. While Palm Wine is not made out of the drupe itself, it is made of the sap of the palm flower. The coconut palm is tapped and poured directly in a storage pot or vessel, and begins fermenting immediately from natural yeast in the pot and air. It is fast fermenting product that yields up to 4% ABV within 2 hours! The wine is immediately consumable, which is recommended as it will turn to vinegar if left to ferment too long. This practice occurs all over the world — from Southeast Asia, to northern and central Africa, to Caribbean Islands in Mexico.

Mysterious. Almost definitely.

Mysterious. Almost definitely.

Dangerous Man’s Coconut Milk Stout blends the taprooms favorite Chocolate Milk Stout with 35 lbs of toasted coconut added to the fermenter. In a way Rob and Keigan are blending the old with the new. While the copra of the coconut isn’t a traditional method of fermentation, the idea of the entire coconut being used one way or another is being fulfilled. And true to a homebrewer’s roots, experimentation and beer is expected and, mayhaps, a little dangerous. So we’ve come back full circle again. Humans are innovative, humans are resourceful, humans are creatures of consumption, and when it all comes down to it, beer is made up of all three of those things. Human is to beer what beer is to human.

Think and drink local!