Session Pale Ale

I am absolutely positive that all of us have been thinking that at this very moment, like absolutely right now!, that we want a sessionable pale ale with big, honking hop character. Like busting at the seems with aroma and flavor; flavor more towards the wonderful hop oils and resins that help us to realize the full bounty that is hops. Well, it turns out Dangerous Man is the X that marks the spot; the chest so full of booty that it’s got employees walking hob-legged like a pirate. Today we release Dangerous Man’s Session Pale Ale and on the seventh day we shall rest!

Session Ales are in vogue. They are lighter in body, lighter in alcohol, and offer to showcase certain beer elements, in specific hops. Rob and Keigan hopped this pale to a dangerous degree with a First Wort Addition, 60 minutes, 30 minutes, 10 minutes, and a 5 minute addition, all with Crystal Hops. Crystal hops were bred from Hallertau and is sister strains to Mt. Hood and Liberty hops, blending American and Bavarian hop traditions and flavorings. These Crystal hops have a relatively high Myrcene content lending floral and fruity aromas to the beer (myrcene can often be found in perfumes), which can only be achieved by late-hopping as the oil will degredate if boiled to long. Rob and Keigan late-hopped this beer to infinity and beyond to provide as much hop oils, such as myrcene, flavor, and aroma out of this pale ale.

The body of this beer will be a balance between sweet and biscuity. Pilsner malt carries the base of the beer, with additions of aromatic malt, biscuit malt, and flaked oats. The Belgian aromatic malt will lend a brilliant color to the pale ale and a strong malt aroma, while the flaked oats will help to thicken up the mouth-feel and body of the beer for a more rounded draw. Though light in alcohol, this beer will not be light in body, as Rob and Keigan’s intentions were to provide a balance between the two flavor worlds of hops and malts; similar to the beautiful co-dependence of clown fish and anemone, this beer mirrors the most fascinating parts of nature.

Well, I’ve ranted. I’ve raved. I’ve even hobbled, and gobbled, and gabbed. I think the bottom line here is that we live dangerous (read as ‘break all your bones’) and that we drink Dangerous.

Here’s to the next few!

Entropy is coming to order. Make a change; make it Dangerous.

Entropy is coming to order. Make a change; make it Dangerous.