American Amber Ale

Just in time for everyone’s long weekend, Dangerous Man is happy to release their American Amber Ale!

The American amber ale is purported to be a style based off of UK pale ales. The style is rather ambiguous as the only real agreement between all the parties defining beer by style is that the amber ale has a reddish-copper color, most likely derived from the use of lighter crystal malts. Interpretations of this style can be heavily hopped to having a nice toasty malt bill to having a caramel like sweetness. There are many different varieties of amber ales in the American market and it is good to know that it changes from brewery to brewery.

Rob and Keigan’s Amber ale is made with the base malt of Rahr pale malt to give it a bready and bright quality. Additional malts include Munich 10L, a Patagonian crystal malt from Chile, and Munich dark 35L to provide for color and a pleasant malt-caramel sweetness. The ‘L’ in the above descriptions refers to the measurement of Lovibond, which describes the color substance the malt will impart to the beer. The higher the degree Lovibond, the darker the beer will be. Dangerous Man’s amber ale was bittered using Falconer’s Flight, a familiar hop in the brewery, and has late additions of Crystal hops for a bright, citrusy and piney flavor profile. Crystal hops were also added as dry hops to give this amber a a very noticeable aroma. You’ll be able to smell the the citrus and pine in the glass as soon as you’re holding it in your hand!

Well; be good, drink local. Be strong, drink often. Be dangerous, drink Dangerous.

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