Belgian Table

So now that we’ve come this side of the waterfall, it’s time to sit down, ponder, and have ourselves a cuppa of reassurance. And with a heavenly glow about it, enters the Dangerous Man’s Belgian Table beer.

Looks to good to be in a swimsuit!

Looks too good to be in a swimsuit!

Belgian Table’s are everyday, every instance beer. By definition they are brewed with very low alcohol content and are meant to be consumed whenever. That sounds a little tongue in cheek, but these were pretty much soda before soda existed. Instead of the twerked up sugar and caffeine highs we enjoy so much nowadays, the table beer existed to be consumed during work, or lunches, or general relaxing, or really anything. Often these table beers are under 3% alcohol, are light in color and flavor, and offer a general pleasantness to life for those who enjoy the taste of beer. Until the 1970’s these table beers were offered in schools in Belgium and they weren’t taken away because of concerns of alcohol rather they started disappearing when soda conglomerates moved in on the younger market. Today table beers are gaining in popularity, and are often dubbed as ‘session’ beers in the United States. Same concept, though generally each styling takes the flavor to different ends of the palate spectrum.

Dangerous Man’s Belgian Table beer is made using Dingeman’s Pilsen malt with supplementary malts including biscuit, aromatic, white wheat, and flaked rye. Together these supplementary malts will help thicken the beers otherwise light feel, add a hint of spice, biscuit, and malt nose to the Belgian yeast strain. Blond candi sugar was also added to dry the body of the beer out, making it both flavorful and quenching.

These August evenings are damn near perfect; drink local, drink Dangerous!