Chocolate Milk Stout

Got your hard hats, kids? Magic school bus time! Dope to the Up as we welcome back Dangerous Man’s Chocolate Milk Stout!

Frizzle and Liz team up to bring you on exciting adventure!

Frizzle and Liz team up to bring you on exciting adventure!

Location is center to identity. Where you are defines who you are through local cultural exchange, access to education, agriculture and produce, and as numbers have become all the rage, through any other quantifiable thing we can define as a trend. In Mesoamerica, in Egypt, in Thailand and Burma, and in the middle of Europe, locations defined themselves by rising upwards. City-scapes were the focal point of humanity; cities conglomerated people, jump-started culture to a wide degree, and added another dimension of perspective to humanity’s already impressive skillset.

In the jungles of Mexico, Guatemala, and Belize, huge temples rose, limestone brick by limestone brick stacked above the tree lines and were painted in brilliant sheens of red, blue, and yellow. Vast city-centers were created and the population stratified outwards and when looked on from above, look similar to the rings of a geode or the ripples of water.

Palenque. What I wouldn't give to have a Dangerous Man pint here.

Palenque. What I wouldn’t give to have a Dangerous Man pint here.

In essence, most of the identity of people is what we make. Tools compound on themselves over time and have accelerated in process and scope. As the Maya mashed and brewed cacao beans into the frothy liquid, Chocolate was located to a relatively small part of the world to a small population of people defined through their city, their place of being. Europeans took the cacao back with them, the Dutch redefined it, the world grew to love it, and this small plant and small product of the Mesoamericans became a world product, and entity in its own right. Chocolate has become an idea, as well as a product. Parallels can be linked with beer as well.

It helps to remember location in a world of ubiquity. That we draw ourselves as individuals and as a culture from where we are. That our products, though worldly and ubiquitous, can be defined by a home, an identity, and a connection of people.

Ok. Hard hats off. The bus has stopped on 2nd and 13th. To our right is Dangerous Man Brewing Company. In front of us, the city-scape of Minneapolis. Let’s just be ourselves already.

Drink local, drink Dangerous!