American Wheat

We all know Han shot first. That’s all.

On today’s agenda is the consumption of Dangerous Man’s American Wheat ale. Like a lot of it. It’s got zip, pep, and all those other words your grandfolks could possibly have used. It’s a tonic for the ages; no beef, no bushwa!

l'appel du vide

l’appel du vide

This American Wheat ale has base malts of white wheat and Rahr 2-row, both filled with sugars for sweeter, more round-bodied beer. Supplementary malts including light Munich, carablonde, and torrified wheat help to bring the wheat malts to the forefront. The beer is golden in color and has a slight haze due to the high protein content in the wheat malts. The wheat provides for an excellent head; a thick cap, foamy and white.

This American wheat is true to our American love of hops! In total, there were 9 hop additions during the brewing and then was further dry hopped for a more buoyant hop bouquet. The beer was bittered using German Magnum hops and then late additions of Opal, Magnum, Crystal, Pacifica, and Topaz hops were added to the brew. We can expect big hop flavors and aromas from this beer, but a restrained to moderate bitterness that is backed up by the round and complex wheat-body. Pacifica and Topaz hops derive from Australia, while Opal and Magnum are newer breeds from Germany, while the dashing Crystal hop is US cultivated. We can expect large citrus characters, some big spice, perhaps a spot of marmalade, due to the high 4MMP contents of the New Zealand hops, and some big earth and clove characters from the German hops.

This beer is filled and full to the brim with flavor, idea, and principle. Imbibe and take a moment to live in the abstract. ‘Science says we are the servants of nature: everything is in order, make love and bash your brains in.’

Don’t let the heat get to you, or do. That’s all.

Drink local, Drink Dangerous.