Hopped Wheat Wine

Soon to be floating in the Sea of Marmory.

Soon to be floating in the Sea of Marmory.

G. Cabrera Infante asked, “If the sleep of reason produces monsters, what does the sleep of unreason produce?” Dangerous Man might have found the answer with its newest tap listing, everyone hold your breath as we welcome, the Dangerous Man Hopped Wheat Wine.

This wheat wine is the product of Keigan Knee and John Leingang’s unreason. They thought of convention, and it turned itself inside out. They paused on normalcy, and it spontaneously-combusted. They ruminated on the median, and then used a ouija board to send it straight to hell. These two think sideways in thinking straight.

They, of all the intrepid personalities of this amalgous monster Dangerous Man Brewing Company, have let their unreason reign.

What is a wheat wine, is that you who dares ask? A wheat wine, similar to a barley wine, is a very large beer whose primary ingredient is wheat. They have high alcohol content making them a perfect match for this weather turning to fall. The wheat wine is an American invention that is slowly gaining popularity across the United States, and aren’t we all lucky bugs in a rug to have some at our very on drinking den.

Pale to golden in color, spicy, tropical, and refreshing on the nose, and containing a well hidden nine ought six ABV, this certainly is very formidable beer. There are five different hops in this beer: Pacific Jade, Summit, Millennium, Pacifica, and Bravo. Seven addition pounds of hops were used to dry hop as this beer cold crashed. All of this allowed for a great spectrum of hop flavor from tropical notes of passion fruit and pineapple, to deep resinous myrcene characteristics of pine and earth. Everything dances in this beer, and as with a ballroom, each movement leads to the next displaying a complex and splendid choreography of movement and flavor.

We could say it’s almost human.

What do I mean by that? As we know, monsters have a very clear intent that generally has a reasoning behind it. Frankenstein’s monster was filled with the existential rage of creation and the chains that come with it, the Mummy’s curse is only enacted when people disrupt their supposed eternal slumber, and the Trolls and Hobgoblins eat the flesh of man, because, well, everyone needs a food source. These are all seemingly reasonable things. While humans. Us humans are unreasonable. Quick witted, quick tempered, possessive, large, and at large; we are the product of the sleep of unreason. And this wheat wine, this human affair, is the cherry and whip of unreason.

Sleep well, Minneapolis. Make sure to dream.

Drink local, drink Dangerous.