Every Minute IPA

It’s finally gone negative and I’m sure we’re all dreaming of the tropics right now. White sand beaches, crystal clear water, and wafts of fresh tropic fruit carrying with the breeze. We’re all not going to get there this year, we can understand that, but that doesn’t mean Dangerous Man Brewing Company can’t help you out with at least one of the three.

Dangerous Man Brewing Company presents it’s Every Minute IPA with an aroma so potent it’ll add 200,000 frequent flyer miles to your account.

This one explains itself!

This one explains itself!

Rob smiled deviously when crafting this beer, enjoying the possibilities of what hopping an IPA every single minute would do to showcase the aroma and flavor profile. Lightning struck, the monster awoke, and we all put on our bathing suits to bask in the aromas of peaches and mangoes and hints of pineapple. This Every Minute IPA includes Willamette, Chinook, Warrior, Falconer’s Flight 7C’s, and Citra. The aroma is damn near visible, and has caused attention problems for taproom staff as they continually disappear with customer’s pints to be found in back, dubious and drunk, with smiles of paradise relaxed on their faces. Wholesale firings, what have you, and the problem persists, so we lured them back with hot pizza and effectively burned their tongues so they cannot taste until all the customer’s have dried the well. You’re definitely welcome, we’ve got a pint waiting for you.

Hopping a beer every minute reinforces hop aromas and oils to a different degree than timed hoppings. Bittering units are generally lower, but aroma increases to a large degree. Taste perception is in a large part due to aroma, causing this beer to burst with the volatile oils released during each hopping. By hopping continuously, it is hoped the hops will blend with the malt to a different degree, to create a more full and enriching drinking experience.

By the spaghetti monster’s good graces, grab yourself a pint!

Drink local, drink Dangerous.