Imperial Chocolate Milk Stout

Hey bruisers, wanna see something cool? Imperial Chocolate Milk Stout, mofos. Apocalypse imminent.

Holidays in a tulip!

Holidays in a tulip!

Rob and Keigan looked at their ever-present, and recently award winning, Chocolate Milk Stout recipe and decided to up the ante. This Christmas beast abides with 12% ABV and 65 IBU’s with huge notes of chocolate brownies. Viscous, oil-pitch black, with a tropical tanned head, the Imperial Chocolate Milk Stout is a slow sipper helping to while away these chilly Minnesota nights.

This beer is huge and is meant to be dealt with properly. It is supposed to be explored and ruminated over. Try it as soon as it pours, still chilly in the glass, and notice how the flavors expand and change as it warms up. How the expressions of chocolate change from dark chocolate to milk chocolate, and the creamy lactose nature continues to build draw and body of the beer.

It’s cold. Understatement of forever. If you’re out, stop in and let this milk stout warm those bones.

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