Hazelnut Porter

Dangerous Man is proud to put on tap it’s Hazelnut Porter!

Who is this who time traveled for Hazelnut Porter!?

Who is this who time traveled for Hazelnut Porter!?

Porters in the modern age of gotten darker and darker, turning from a turbid brown into the pitch color many of them are today. The invention of black patent malt quickly changed the face of brewing and brought a very apparent roast aspect to darker beers. Black patent also allowed for beers to have a darker color without using an huge amount of supplementary grain, allowing for more base malts and higher alcohol contents, or, less malt altogether and money being saved making a similar beer.

Rob and Keigan and John brewed up this porter with the season in mind. Aside from typical base malt, this porter includes chocolate malt, pale wheat, and Patagonia malt to giving this beer several complex flavor notes. Dark and bittering chocolate can be found in each sip, as well as slow cooked caramel. To top the beer off, additions of hazelnut were included to give the beer a huge, nutty nose and a definitive hazelnut flavor. The hazelnut and the chocolate and Patagonian malt blend beautifully, allowing for a complex beer

The season’s sledding in! See you soon!