Northern Pine Porter

What up all, it’s back. Blogging in style, hiding in the Dangerous Man basement as they racket upstairs. So let’s talk. Let’s talk beer and get on with it.

Porters have a long history in the English and American brewing world. They started out brown, they jumped to black, lost their name to stouts, found a popular reassurgance as the new kid in school but then we’re found to be less cool than their younger brother again. So what do we say about a style that really can’t find a way to explain itself in the modern world? We could wax on the past, but that really wouldn’t help explain the beer you’re caring to read about, the beer the Dangerous Man crew has brewed.

Northern Pine looking delicious!

Northern Pine looking delicious!

There is a distinctive shift in the brewing world of why a beer is made. Some are made for their flavor and the necessary profit generated off of them and some are made for a ulterior purpose than profitable return and these beers tend to be specially crafted. Their ideas are taken from popular culture, their ingredients from the strange, their styles link to their purpose, all for a goal. This is the pride and joy of brewing that goes above the happy rays that dance down on the brewing industry day in and out.

The Northern Pine Porter is one of these beers. Our brewers, Keigan, John, and Ramsey, combined their efforts with a Mr. John Buck who works with Northern Pine Longboards, a 100% skater-owned company of Minnesota. The idea was to create a beer that could be showcased in the Dangerous Man Taproom during a charity event put on by the Northern Pine Longboards company. This beer needed to have an edge, needed to feature wood, and needed to be held accountable to both companies high standards.

The Northern Pine Porter is a complex beer. It has notes of roast, oak, vanillins, an expressive and changing mouthfeel, and a crisp, fall finish. Oak chips were used during fermentation to lend their flavor and allow for a quick yeast flocculation. The yeast fermented quickly in this beer giving it a drier draw, which the oak steps in and adds plenty of body to. This provides a round, dry body which is not a common occurrence in the world of beer. Pine was considered for the beer but turned out to be to resinous of a wood to put into beer.


The charitable event will be held at Dangerous Man and will feature 8 local longboard craftsmen. 40% of each board sold will be donated to the individual’s choice charity. Two companies, Northern Pine run by Brian Williams and LongFellow Boards run by Jon Buck, will be featured at the event with their expert wares. Dangerous Man will also be donating a portion of every glass sold of Northern Pine Porter to a charity of their choice. Our first food truck, LuLu’s Cafe, will be out front selling food.

Dangerous Man will also feature several iterations of the Northern Pine Porter including our normal taps, Nitro taps, and infusion kegs dreamed up by our Head Brewer Keigan Knee. These infusion kegs feature a 4″ welded on port to regular 1/2 bbl kegs that make infusions easier and cleaner to do. The infusion will be Northern Pine Porter with oak chips infused with bourbon, which will be absolutely, withoutafirkingdoubt, delicious.

Life is good here at Dangerous Man. We’re happy to be blogging again.

Drink local, drink Dangerous!