Summer Beer Dabbler 2014

Holy hell it’s been a year! 

From the Dabbler with Love

From the Dabbler with Love

Last winter Dangerous Man Brewing won the Lord Dabbler’s Cup with gusto. Our paddle is hanging free in the taproom and we’ve been giving the honor of opening this years Summer Beer Dabbler with a special tapping. We spared no expense. Cue John Williams. 

This year Dangerous Man Brewing Company, Lord Dabbler’s Cup firmly gripped, will open up the ceremonies with a bourbon-barrel and cherry aged Chocolate Milk Stout served on Nitro. It’s big, boisterous, and limited. Half barrel limited. Sorry Grandma, your lawn will have to be mowed tomorrow limited. That’s right appendix, you’re staying in another day limited. Yeah, we’re talking holographic Charizard limited.

This half-crazed beer will be featured immediately at the Dabbler, so make sure to get some and get some fast. Lines will be long, so bring some friends to gab on with. Dangerous Man crew will be there in force and their booth will feature the regular Chocolate Milk Stout, House IPA, Cream Ale, and the Matchbox Coffee Porter. A solid lineup that shows our identity spectacularly. A blend of familiarity and edge; of Doomtree and Dre. 

We’ve got a few tips for all of you dabblers out there. Drink water, plenty of it. It’ll keep you moving throughout the day. Look at your options first, try what you want to remember and leave the heavy drinking for the last few hours. Be kind, clean, and courteous. Meet new people and find something you didn’t know about yourself; if you know yourself pretty well, grow. Remember this event is the spectacle of beer, revelations are nothing but imminent! 

Do not drive drunk. Get a ride home, eat some food and have a good time. We’ll see you in the taproom sometime soon! TICKETS ARE STILL AVAILABLE! Check it out: 

Drink local, drink Dangerous.