The Team

Rob Miller
head brewer and visionary

Sarah Bonvallet
creative director and list maker 

Our story is a classic one. Boy meets girl, they grab a beer together, fall in love, get married blah blah blah. But then the boy discovers another love….the art of brewing beer. After 7 years of brewing he is ready to make his passion a family business.

Our team also consists of many amazing people who have contributed to where we are today. My father, John Miller is the acting CFO and business manager. My mother, EvaLee Miller is the head of administration and office manager. Our graphic designer is Keith Evans, a childhood friend now living in Venice Beach, CA. Our interior designer is my sister-in-law Kara Miller from Ashland, OR. With this family collective, we want to build a brewery that reflects the deep roots of the Midwest, the ingenuity of Minnesota, and the creativity of NE Minneapolis.

From the brewer: I was born and raised in the city of Minneapolis. I love this city and love crafting beer. I’ve dreamt of combining the two for many years. Three years ago I wrote a business plan with inspiration from one of my favorite breweries, The Kettlehouse in Missoula, Montana. As I continued to research this model, I learned it was not legal in Minnesota. With some recent amendments to city ordinances in July and August, my business model finally became legal. And so here we are trying to find a building that will house this dream.