The Place

We will be located in 1300 2nd Street NE in Minneapolis.

Now let me take you on a tour of what that space will eventually be…

When you walk through the wooden doors into Dangerous Man Brewing you will find yourself in a cozy microbrewery with a family-friendly feeling. The seating and design of the space will be creatively urban and comfortably inviting. There will be long farm tables, cozy nooks, sitting area with couches and chairs, a well-placed TV for sporting events (world cup, tour de france and locals) and a great sound system playing music you want to listen to. The bar itself will be big and handmade, inviting you to pull up a stool and hang out for a few. The brewing area, including fermenters and holding tanks will be visible from the bar and seating areas.

When you come to Dangerous Man, prepare to be enlightened about beer and the brewing process. We will be happy to show off our system, equipment and what it takes to brew a batch. Our model is a bit different then other microbreweries in Minneapolis. We will offer 6 ever-changing taps so when you walk up to the bar and expect the Blueberry Blond Ale you had last time it probably won’t be there but the newly tapped Oak Aged Porter might sound like a good try. By de-mystifying beer styles, ingredients, and the process, our customers will become not only educated beer drinkers but beer connoisseurs.

There will be house-made soda on tap. We will be offering take-out menus from neighboring restaurants, increasing food choices to our customers while supporting the local businesses. We will create partnerships with our neighbors to build a sense of community. Here at Dangerous Man, we are doing things a bit different. If you want to try our beer you will have to come and visit us.