The Plan

Dangerous Man Brewing Company (DMBC) is a small-scale tap house and microbrewery located in the heart of NE Minneapolis. DMBC’s intention is to bring the freshest, highest quality beer to people in Northeast Minneapolis and its surrounding areas. The initial plans were for DMBC to feature 6 ever-changing taps and house-made soda. DMBC beers is sold on tap at the brewery in pints and in 64oz. to-go containers called “growlers”.

When a customer comes into DMBC, they feel the passion and energy given towards beer and our product. This is a place where neighborhood residents and visitors to the area feel welcome to come and socialize with their family and friends.  It is a welcoming place for seasoned beer drinkers and non-beer drinkers alike.  For the beer drinkers we want them to know we love beer as much as they do. We feature the highest quality and freshest ingredients we can find. We always seek out local producers to supply our brewing needs. The laid-back atmosphere and friendly staff cater to the non-seasoned beer drinker by de-mystifying the brewing process and its products. DMBC caters to the beer connoisseur, urbanite, home brewer, and any adventurous beer drinker. We hope to make everyone feel welcome and our staff will be very knowledgeable about beer. DMBC makes educating our customers about beer and the brewing process a priority.

DMBC beer and products are only be available at the tap house brewery.
We do not sell our beer at local bars or restaurants, or mass-produced cans and bottles. To have a taste of Dangerous Man beer you will have to come visit us. Our goal is for Dangerous Man Brewing Co. to be the best destination tap house brewery Minneapolis has ever seen!