Wheat + Yeast = Sublime

Wheat + Yeast = Sublime

Dangerous Man’s Hefeweizen has been released! For many it is the perfect summer beer with it’s malt sweetness, effervescent nature, slight but spicy phenols and the blends of esters produced by the yeast. The hefeweizen, and all weizens in general, do not follow the German purity law, the Reinheitsgebot, and were only allowed to be produced after a loophole was created by Bavarian nobility. This allowed the beer style to continue to be produced, though it has fallen in and out of popularity over time. Currently, wheat beers, especially the hefeweizen, are popular in the warmer seasons and to those who favor complex, yeast-driven beers.

The Hefeweizen style is a great yeast showcase. Dangerous Man’s Hefeweizen utilized the Wyeast 3068 Weihenstephan Weizen strain known for the brewer’s ability to manipulate it for very particular flavors. The weizen strains are producers of certain esters  that give the beer banana and bubble gum flavors. The weizen strains also have been selected and manipulated over time to produce phenols appropriate to style, in this case the clove flavor is very prominent and helps to balance the wheat malt sweetness.  Dangerous Man’s brewers, Rob and Keigan, over-pitched to a slight degree and kept the temperature at a constant 68 degrees Fahrenheit to boost the clove phenol flavors slightly ahead of the banana; a bit of spice and everything nice. With a slightly higher carbonation level, each beer will have a brilliant white head that will stay until the beer is finished. The beer will have a cloudy appearance from the high protein level from the wheat malt and the yeast remaining in suspension.